Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh Hey May!

So...I haven't blogged in over three months.  Argh.  Of course I'm going to lay the blame once again on Instagram...hahaha.  It really is easy, and I really do love it.  But I know one day I'm going to look back at this blog and see the gaps and wish I'd blogged more regularly.  Even if it's the same pictures I post on Instagram...I'll try not to do that, but I won't make any promises.

Well, it's May.  And May is over half over now.  Wowzers.

For us, it's summer.  Macy has been out of school for a few days already.  Lucy finished up today.  We've had a crazy week and a half or so...crazy school schedules, end-of-the-year events, etc.  Ruby is teething, and her naps have been thrown off totally...which isn't good because that girl LOVES her naps. 

Instead of going back and trying to recap everything that's happened since I blogged last (most of y'all have seen what's been going on with us because of Instagram anyway), I'll just start with what's been going on lately, and move forward.
We still try to do Sunday Snaps every week.  Sometimes they turn out (I consider it a success if everyone is looking the same way, even when Ruby's not smiling)...
And sometimes they don't turn out... 

I was really pleased with the one we got on Mother's Day...
Macy has started barrel racing.  She's been working and training for several years, and THIS was her year to get things going.  I have to say, it has been SO wonderful to see her succeed in something she's been dreaming about for YEARS.  She didn't want to rush into had to be in her time.  She's been in several races already and has done so well...just this past weekend, she was in a trophy show and came home with three first place trophies!  The sportsmanship is unheard of in this sport.  She has made the sweetest new friends...friends she's competing against...only they cheer for each other.  Parents don't hoop and holler and get angry and pitch fits.  It's just plain fun and awesome and I can't say enough about how wonderful the people are that we have met and are getting to know.  I love it! Lucy.  I love her.  Her love for life is so real, and her happy spirit is contagious (she probably wishes I'd catch it more often...hahaha).  She's always doing something funny and making us laugh.  Her main gig is tumbling, and boy can she do some flipping!

She got glasses, and this pretty much sums up how she's dealing with it...
She's a MESS.
And Ruby.  Oh Ruby.  The perfect little addition to our family.  She's definitely a little spitfire, but what fun is a little girl with no spunk?
One thing is for absolute certain...she LOVES her sleep.  Generally she will nap anywhere from 4 to 5 hours during the day (like she'll sleep for a solid 4 to 5 hours).  Sometimes she'll even take a second nap, then will sleep all night long.  The Lord knew her Momma was old and couldn't stay up all night getting things done, so he made her love her sleep =)
And yes, she still takes a bottle, and she may take it until she's five.  And I don't care.
She's such a trooper at Macy's races.  She loves being outside and around all the horses.  She's not too crazy about getting dirty, so we go through lots and lots of wet wipes.  She's handled hopping from town to town for multiple races and some pretty late nights.

In her own little world outside wearing her smocked dress, cowboy boots, and green plastic necklace...
She LOVES putting on our shoes and attempting to walk around in them...
One more from a race, because holy cuteness...
She loves to "write" which consists of paper and an unsharpened pencil (unless she gets hold of an opened pen or sharpened pencil before I realize it)...

There's a bit of what's been going on in a nut shell.  Hopefully it won't take three months to do another post...hopefully =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm a Paranoid Horse Owner and My Baby Takes Selfies

We are very fortunate that Prince lives so near our house.  We go right by where he is on our way to school and on our way home every day.  So going back and forth, I generally get to see him four times a day.  This afternoon, as we were passing by, we noticed he was laying down in the pasture.  I know it isn't too crazy weird, but how many times do you see horses laying down?  Not very often.  We turned in to check on him (and of course take some pictures), and he just continued to lay there, never getting up.  Well, I get all paranoid and worried thinking something might be wrong.  Macy was just as cool as a cucumber (we are TOTALLY opposite) and kept saying, "He's fine, Momma.  He's FINE."  I secretly texted Jason to drive by on his way home to just check on him.
He sends me this text a little while later...
Up and eating.  I realllllllly need to worry less.  A lot less.
Ruby has learned to take selfies.  And I am so serious when I say that.  You can tell her to take a selfie, and she raises whatever she's holding up and smiles at it.  She'll even do a duck-face selfie if you're that specific.  I snapped a picture of her "taking a selfie" with my phone tonight and posted it on Instagram.  Can you tell she has sisters that are much older?  Ha!

And while the camera isn't raised, she's doing a perfect little duck-face here...
Somebody commented that this day in age, learning to take selfies is as important as learning to walk.  Ha!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emptying the Cabinets and Finding Suckers

This face slays me...
She had just emptied the entire contents of the cabinet where all of our plastic cups are.  It's like she's saying..."look at my face, Mommy, not at the mess I made."  Honey, with a face like that, you can empty every cabinet in the house.
Ruby loves to play in the pantry.  Today, she found a bag of Christmas dum dum suckers I thought I had hidden.  And she promptly sat in the middle of the kitchen floor with the bag and helped herself to one of them.

I know I say it over and over and over, but I could eat her up! 
A day in the life of Ruby June!  She's so much fun!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday, Monday...

Goodness, it was cold today.  I never like dropping my big girls off at school when it's cold.  I just want to keep them at home.  And that darn groundhog saw his shadow.  Argh.  We are so ready for spring...maybe his prediction will be wrong. 
I have a new coffee mug that I am in love with.  First things first, every morning...
Like I said, today was a bitterly cold day.  Very windy and just plain cold (but no that that surprises me, I am just really wishing for some snow this year).  Ruby and I just hung out around the house (which is what we do normally anyway)...she was in her new Kickee Pants lounge outfit, which made me jealous.  Kickee Pants uses the absolutely softest cotton I've ever felt.  I need this in my size...although I can assure you...y'all would NOT see a picture of me in it...ha!
There's even a trapdoor...adorable!!!
I found this painting in Lucy's backpack, and I am in love with it.  I just might have to have it framed.
I think I've probably highlighted this cleaning product in a Friday Favorite, but I dusted the house this morning in no time using this one product.  I love it, and it seems to make cleaning so speedy (versus using a glass cleaner and a furniture polish).
We ran into town after picking the big girls up from school to meet Jason with the grocery list.  Yes, Jason still does the grocery shopping...i.e. the Wal-Mart trip...every week, which makes me the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.  Seriously.  The closest I have been to Wal-Mart since two weeks before Ruby was born is Backyard Burger, which is where I meet Jason with the list if I don't have it ready when he leaves for work on Monday mornings.  If you live in my area, you know Backyard Burger sits out in front of Wal-Mart at the edge of the parking lot.  So anyways, I met Jason with the list, then we ran by Chick-Fil-A for an after school snack.  Did y'all know they are giving out free cups of coffee every day this month?  They are!  I got a yummy cup of coffee for free!  As if Chick-Fil-A needed to give us another reason to love them!
Hope y'all had a great Monday!  We're in for a cold night and a cold week, I think.  Maybe it will warm up for the weekend...look at me...already dreaming of the weekend!!!  Really I'm just wishing for warmer weather!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our Weekend

First of all...happy February!  Wow!  It's hard to believe it's February, although January seemed like a really long month to me.  Here's to a new month...I'm buckling back down counting Weight Watcher points in an effort to get ready for summer!  Not that I'll be sporting a bathing suit around or anything like that, but just to lose a few pounds and feel better!
Jason took the big girls hunting yesterday for the last day of hunting season.  Ruby and I just hung out at home (as we do most days!).  We played and did laundry and all that sort of thing.  I walked out of the den at one point for literally two seconds and came back in to find this...
She had climbed up on the couch (she was on the floor when I walked out of the room).  Honestly, it took me a second to figure out what was going on...she looked so natural standing up she had done it a hundred times!
I always love getting pictures from the woods...

They didn't kill anything, but they had a lot of fun!
Ruby is usually a very independent sleeper...she likes to be laid down to go to sleep.  She let me hold her to get her to sleep Saturday evening (just for a nap), so I took full advantage of it and sat on the couch watching a Lifetime movie with her in my arms.  We did so much of that when she was a newborn and then when she was in isolation last winter (I hardly ever put her down), and it felt so good to do it again last night.  And praise the Lord, she wasn't even sick (believe me, I kept feeling of her forehead wondering if she maybe had fever).
Lucy took this selfie this morning while we were getting ready for church.  She is absolutely the funniest child and totally looks like a marshmallow in this picture.  Oh, how I love her.
Lucy had already changed, and Ruby wasn't really in a picture-taking mood, but I did manage to get a Sunday Snap after church today...
And speaking of church...with the wedding and the yuckies and all the junk going around, Ruby and I haven't been to church in several weeks.  We went this morning though, and it was so great to be there.  Ruby even sat through the entire service.  It was a miracle!!!
Here's a peek inside Ruby's church purse...
A pink gumball bracelet, a star, two vials of albuterol, and baby Jesus.  Love her!!!
And just before she went down for a nap, I snapped a couple of pictures...

The curls, those eyes, and the dimples in the corners of her mouth...I could eat her up!
Lucy made me another wallpaper for my phone.  She has had more fun with this little app she downloaded, and honestly, I could probably spend all day creating different things on it too...ha!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!  Here's to hoping the groundhog doesn't see his shadow tomorrow...we're ready for spring!!!